RedGenesis is a semi-automatic compiler for rad-hard standard cells. Starting from a text description of a generic cell (NAND, NOR, FF) RedGenesis create a full layout representation together with the corresponding schematic and symbol.
RedGenesis uses only FOS (Free Open Source) tools like Xschem, Klayout, LibreCell, Libretto and has an internal engine written in Ruby, Perl, TCL/TK and Gambas3.

With RedGenesis it also possible to create larger layouts including a preliminary placement of standard cells for DRC and LVS check.
RedGenesis Macro Builder uses two .txt description files: 1) Placement (*.pla) and 2) Routing (*.rou)

… something very useful for RCD analog and digital lazy designers willing to make small digital blocks to be included in mixed signal IPs (e.g. ADCs and DACs)!