Rad Hard 512kbit SRAM (Deep Space)





  • Asynchronous rad hard 64kbit x8 Static RAM
  • Operating Voltage (I/O) 3.3V±10%
  • Operating Voltage (core) 1.8V±10%
  • 12ns address access time
  • Wide Temperature Range: -255 to +125°C
  • Low Power Consumption:
  1. Power Current (core) 6 mA max
  2. Power Current (I/O) 0.2 uA max
  3. Power Current (core) 15mA max (15 Mrad)
  4. Power Current (I/O) 0.3uA max (15 Mrad)
  • Radiation Hardened process and design:
  1. Total Dose 15 Mrad(Si) (Co60)
  2. SEL LETth > 80 MeV/mg*cm2 (Si) (Au Ions)
  3. 5 < SEU LETth < 6 MeV/mg*cm2 (Si)
  • Packaging options:
  1. no package (waffle pack die)
  2. CERDIP (only for evaluation)


RC7C512RHH SRAM is a low voltage, high performance, asynchronous, radiation-hardened 64kbit x8 memory device using six transistor (6T) memory cells completely ELT and with enhanced Miller Capacitor. A standard 0.18u CMOS 6 metals technology process has been used to implement RC7C512RHH with a dedicated robust rad-hard by design (RHBD) approach using ELT transistors, enhanced guard rings and ELT ESD pads.

RC7C512RHH has been specifically designed for High Energy Physics environments or, optionally, for Deep Space Missions where very high resistance against TID is required. The low temperature resiliency of RC7C512RHH makes it suitable also for cryogenic or both cryo-rad applications (sterilization of medical instruments). The fast access time guarantees an optimal use as a Cache or CAM with microprocessor for advance DSP in hostile environments (fast detections or trigger electronics for particle detection).