Welcome to RedCat Devices!

RedCat Devices (RCD) designs and develops semiconductor memories (SRAMs, NVMs) and analog components (ADCs, DACs) for space applications and nuclear science taking the best from standard CMOS process. Thanks to its proprietary methodologies of Radiation Hardening By Design (RHBD) RCD guarantees ICs resilent to Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE).

News! RedCat Devices is FSiC2023 Sponsor

RedCat Devices is sponsor for FSiC2023 Conference in Paris at Sorbonne University… an opportunity to dive in the free silicon software¬† world and meet lots of enthusiasts in open source EDA tools. CU all on 10-11-12 July in Paris!!!!

News! Rad-hard 12 bits DAC is over 500 krad

In the framework of Horizon2020 Moral Project the rad-hard 12 bits DAC embedded in Moral Microcontroller has been test under Cobalt 60 at University of Palermo Facility using RedCat Devices proprietary Leonida Platform. Using 0.63 rad/s dose rate the DAC reached 500krad (Si) with no degradation in terms of performance.

News! Leonida Multisession on line

with Leonida is now possible to use multiple boards (mounting different components) in one irradiation session. Multiple instances of Leonida software can check the irradiation campaign!

News! Leonida Platform ready for incoming Cobalt 60 tests!

RedCat Devices supports RADNEXT Project headed by CERN.