Development of rad-hard PROMs for Space Applications

(start: 04/06/2018 end: 04/06/2020)

RAD-PROM project is funded by ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana).

The project aims at the development of a non-volatile memory cell technology making leverage on AntiFuse methodology. The goal of RAD-PROM is to create a technological platform able to be used in stand-alone and embedded applications and adopting CMOS technologies from different silicon foundries.

For more info:

Cristiano Calligaro (c.calligaro@redcatdevices.it) — RAD-PROM Coordinator





Featured Presentations:

RADEF Facility (Jyvaskyla) Set-up: RAD-PROM-RADEF

IGS-3 Facility (Palermo) Set-up: RAD-PROM-IGS-3

Featured Videos:

1. OTP Memory cell based on AntiFuse

2. Testing AntiFuse PROMs under irradiation

3. Testing AntiFuse PROMs under heavy ions

4. 64kbit PROMs electrical testing