IT Division

“we are nerds… and proud to be!”

RedCat Devices IT Division is in charge in the development of software tools to support MPG and APG in the design and testing of radhard integrated circuits.
During these years we have developed RedGenesis EDA tool for semi-automatic generation of standard cells using the “compiling” approach and Leonida Open Platform for testing under irradiation… and of course we repaired printers, monitors and servers for other dumb designers… as all nerds do!

If you belong to RCD (or you are an RCD friend) and you need something IT don’t search for us… we will find you!


RedGenesis is a semi-automatic compiler for rad-hard standard cells. Starting from a text description of a generic cell (NAND, NOR, FF) RedGenesis create a full layout representation together with the corresponding schematic.
RedGenesis uses only FOS (Free Open Source) tools like Xschem, Klayout, LibreCell and others and has an internal engine written in Ruby and TCL/TK.

With RedGenesis it also possible to create larger layout including a preliminary placement of standard cells for DRC and LVS check.

… something very useful for RCD analog and digital lazy designers!

Leonida Open Platform

Leonida is a general purpose hardware platform based on Microchip microcontrollers mounted on mother boards for testing purposes. The compact solution adopted for Leonida make easier the shielding in Cobalt 60 Hot Chambers where lid bricks are used to protect all active components.

Leonida can be used in several mother boards for different testing purposes (analog or memories).