RedCat Devices (RCD) is a fabless semiconductor company devoted to design semiconductor memories and analog devices for aerospace and nuclear science taking the best from standard and well consolidated CMOS technologies using radiation hardening by design (RHBD) proprietary methodologies to enhance resistance both to total ionizing dose (TID) and single event effects (SEE). The expertise of RCD is focused on semiconductor memories and ADCs/DACs coming from its founders whose experience have been matured in the academy (University of Pavia, University of Milan) and large corporates (ST Microelectronics).

RCD is based in Milano and its capability spreads from project management to physical simulation and layout design of complete silicon devices for customers who can be helped on silicon process choosing too. RCD works mainly on CMOS processes with different fabs like X-FAB, TowerJazz, IHP, LFoundry and others.

RCD is organized in three units: 1) APG, Analog Product Group, 2) MPG, Memory Product Group, 3) SSG, Scientific Software Group. APG and MPG are devoted to the development of rad-hard products (ADCs, DACs, SRAM, NVMs), SSG supports APG and MPG in software maintenance and development of internal tools (rad-hard libraries, testing tools, etc…) required for all phases of chip development.

RCD designs everything from scratch starting from the selected silicon foundry PDK (Process Design Kit), from I/O up to the single logic port, making leverage on more than ten years of rad-hard developments in several research projects (RiFLASH, RAMSES, CISSA, ATENA, SkyFlash, RAISP, R2RAM, EuroSRAM4Space) and customer oriented case studies.

RCD is member of AIPAS association (