1Mbit (128kbit x8) Radiation Hardened SRAM

The RC7C1024RHS SRAM is a low voltage, high performance, asynchronous, radiation-hardened 128kbit x8 memory device using six transistor (6T) memory cells with Miller Capacitors. A standard 0.18u CMOS 6 metals technology process has been used to implement RC7C1024RHS with a dedicated robust rad-hard by design (RHBD) approach using ELT transistors, enhanced guard rings and ELT ESD pads..
RC7C1024RHS has been specifically designed for applications with TID requirements in range of 100krad-300krad such as LEO, MEO and GEO.


  • Asynchronous rad hard 128kbit x8 Static RAM
  • Operating Voltage (I/O) 3.3V±10%
  • Operating Voltage (core) 1.8V±10%
  • 12 ns address access time
  • Wide Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • Power Current (core) 6 mA max
    • Power Current (I/O) 0.2 uA max
    • Power Current (core) 14mA max (300 krad)
    • Power Current (I/O) 0.3 uA max (300 krad)
  • Radiation Hardened process and design:
    • Total Dose: 300 krad(Si) (Co60)
    • SEL LETth > 80 MeV/mg*cm2 (Si) (Au Ions)
    • 4 < SEU LETth < 5 MeV cm2/mg (Si)
  • Packaging options:
    • no package (waffle pack die)
    • CERDIP 32
    • CERQUAD 32