Embedded SRAMs with ECC

Milan, May 23 2019 – RedCat Devices Embedded SRAMs (RC7C Library) are now available with ECC.

RCD SRAMs used for digital ASIC design together with rad-hard standard cell libraries are now enriched with an optional ECC engine to be added to both Single Port and Dual Port memory modules. Simply by adding parity modules and placing the ECC based on Hamming a SEC (Single Error Correction) is performed on a device already immune to multiple bit upsets (MBUs) thus taking the embedded SRAM to a higher level of immunity to SEE.
The ECC engine is available for all SRAM sizes (1K, 2K, 4K and 8K) and can be adapted in different shapes (in-line or butterfly) to fit all needs coming from digital ASIC flow.
For more information contact info@redcatdevices.it

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