Patent on betavoltaic technology based on tritium approved by US patent office

Milan/Migdal Haemek – The patent proposal “Radioisotope Power Source Embedded in Electronic Device” has been granted by USPTO (United States Patent Office) with number 10,083,771.

The patent (Cristiano Calligaro and Yakov Roizin are the inventors) is assigned to RedCat Devices and TowerJazz jointly and open possibilities on making silicon devices using an internal betavoltaic power supply embedded in the substrate of the chip.

In particoular the patent is focused on the possibility of making SRAMs able to be self-power in the memory array in order to compensate leakage currents when power supply is not available. In this way the canonical volatile memory becomes an NVM and memory arrays can maintain intact data storage.

An electronic device is proposed. The electronic device comprises: atleast one electronic component formed in a chip of semiconductormaterial; at least one radioisotope power source unit comprising aradioactive material. The at least one radioisotope power source unit isembedded in the chip of semiconductor material together with the at leastone electronic component. Moreover, the at least one radioisotope powersource unit is arranged for providing electric power to said at least oneelectronic component by absorbing particles emitted by said radioactivematerial comprised in the least one radioisotope power source unit.

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