Rad-hard Digital library for LFoundry now available in pre-release!

RadLib18LF is now available in pre-release (Beta 0.1). The reference process is LFoundry LF15A CMOS 150nm up to 6 metal levels.
RadLib18LF  follows the well consolidated heritage of RedCat Devices digital libraries coming from other process (TowerJazz, X-FAB, IHP, TSMC) counting on more than 100 standard cells including DECAPs, Fillers, TIEHI/LO and Enhanced Guard Rings (EGRs) closing elements. Preliminary tests on silicon have shown resistance up to 300 krad (Si) with Cobalt 60. RadLib18LF is compatible with standard LF15A grid and with the major EDA tools available in the market. (read more)

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