Heavy ions testing for RAD-PROM

Milan, October 10th 2020. Testing equipment for heavy ions session is ready to be delivered to Jyvaskyla (Finland) at RADEF facility. This is the last session of RAD-PROM project and 4 PROMs written with checkerboards will be tested to verify the immunity to SELs and SEUs.
Since Jyvaskyla is not reachable because of COVID-19 restrictions everything will be done remotely using a dedicated network connection.

The test-bed is shown above and consists of a minipc, a mother board mounting a Spartan FPGA and a baby board hosting the DUT and connected to the mother board via flat cable. The minipc can accessed via RADEF internal network with dedicated IPs.
RedCat Devices proprietary software can be accessed remotly by PC or even by mobile phone as shown below.