Milan, Rome, Turin and Noordwijk, Dec. 18, 2020. MEHTT project, funded by ESA, officially started after a successfull “virtual” Kick-off Meeting. The Consortium (Space Technology, RedCat Devices and CNIT) presented the main topic that will be touched during this exciting  project where several architectures and different silicon technologies will be considered for the next wave of multigigabit extremely high throughput terminals.

Heavy Ions testing session in the Covid Era

Milan/Jyvaskyla, Nov. 12 2020. In the framework of RAD-PROM project the final testing session with heavy ions has been performed using a remote connection via Zoom between Milan (Italy) and Jyvaskyla (Finland). RC28F64ARHX (XFAB silicon) and RC28F64ARHI (IHP silicon) have been tested with Ar and Kr ions to evaluate soft errors. Nine hours of beam have been delivered continuosly reading previously written parts and no errors have been detected.
Succesfull test not only because parts have shown to be perfectly functional but also because everything has been done in a remote way.

Heavy ions testing for RAD-PROM

Milan, October 10th 2020. Testing equipment for heavy ions session is ready to be delivered to Jyvaskyla (Finland) at RADEF facility. This is the last session of RAD-PROM project and 4 PROMs written with checkerboards will be tested to verify the immunity to SELs and SEUs.
Since Jyvaskyla is not reachable because of COVID-19 restrictions everything will be done remotely using a dedicated network connection.

The test-bed is shown above and consists of a minipc, a mother board mounting a Spartan FPGA and a baby board hosting the DUT and connected to the mother board via flat cable. The minipc can accessed via RADEF internal network with dedicated IPs.
RedCat Devices proprietary software can be accessed remotly by PC or even by mobile phone as shown below.

RedCat Devices 65nm Libraries

Milan, September 26th, 2020. New releases for RedCat Devices 65nm libraries in TSMC and UMC.
The new libraries included General Purpose and Low Power flavor for TSMC and Standard Performance and Low Leakage for UMC.
All libraries are availble with regular, low and high Vt.

… powered by…

Rad-hard DAC for Moral Project

Milan, Sept. 11th 2020. In the framework of Horizon2020 876305 MORAL Project funded by the EU RedCat Devices has taped-out the first analog block of the 32bit microcontroller. The 10 bits DAC represents the synthesis of several RHBD techniques tailored for the analog design and suitable for a resiliency in the range of 300krad (Si).
The final layout, designed in a standard CMOS 130nm process and included in a stand-alone pad frame for testing purposes, is now ready for manufacturing at IHP premises.

Virtual Presentation @MELECON 2020

Milan, June 22 2020. During the 20th of MELECON (Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference) in Palermo a paper titled “Silicon dosimeters based on Floating Gate Sensor: design, implementation and characterization” has been presented through the virtual conference web-site.

U. Gatti, C. Calligaro, A. Parlato, E. Tomarchio, Y. Roizin, E. Pikhay, “Silicon dosimeters based on Floating Gate Sensor: design, implementation and characterization”, Proceedings of 20th IEEE MELECON Conference, June 2020, pp 388- 391 IEEE Catalog Number: CFP20MEL-USB ISBN: 978-1-7281-5199-1