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Rad-hard DAC for Moral Project

Milan, Sept. 11th 2020. In the framework of Horizon2020 876305 MORAL Project funded by the EU RedCat Devices has taped-out the first analog block of the 32bit microcontroller. The 10 bits DAC represents the synthesis of several RHBD techniques tailored for the analog design and suitable for a resiliency in the range of 300krad (Si).
The final layout, designed in a standard CMOS 130nm process and included in a stand-alone pad frame for testing purposes, is now ready for manufacturing at IHP premises.

Virtual Presentation @MELECON 2020

Milan, June 22 2020. During the 20th of MELECON (Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference) in Palermo a paper titled “Silicon dosimeters based on Floating Gate Sensor: design, implementation and characterization” has been presented through the virtual conference web-site.

U. Gatti, C. Calligaro, A. Parlato, E. Tomarchio, Y. Roizin, E. Pikhay, “Silicon dosimeters based on Floating Gate Sensor: design, implementation and characterization”, Proceedings of 20th IEEE MELECON Conference, June 2020, pp 388- 391 IEEE Catalog Number: CFP20MEL-USB ISBN: 978-1-7281-5199-1

Leonida 2 now on-line

Milan, May 31st 2020 –  The new Leonida 2 board is now available for RedCat Devices test beds to be used under irradiation (Cobalt 60 and heavy ions).

Based on Microchip microcontroller Leonida 2 now mounts a memory expansion to enable an increased number of samples during testing of ADCs and SRAMs.

RAD-PROM 64kbit OTPs

Milan, April 21st 2020 –  Despite COVID-19 RAD-PROM Project is on its way and 64kbit OTPs (RC28F64ARHX and RC28F64ARHI) have been bonded in their ceramic packages and ready for some visual inspection before going to be irradiated.




Third RAD-PROM Video!

Milan, March 12 2020 – Third video released by RedCat Devices in the framework of RAD-PROM Project funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI) and focused on the last irradiation testing campaign at Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) of the INFN institute in Catania. Test chips RC28FTC01I (IHP 130nm silicon) and RC28FTC01X (X-FAB 180nm silicon) have been tested under Xenon ions up to 60 MeV*cm2/mg (Si) without any rupture.
Keep watching and stay tuned!

RAD-PROM Heavy Ions Testing @LNS

Milan, March 5th 2020 – First heavy ions testing campaign for RAD-PROM test chips at LNS (Laboratori Nazionali del Sud) in Catania (Sicily) where RC28FTC01I (IHP 130nm silicon) and RC28FTC01X (X-FAB 180nm silicon) have been investigated using Xenon ions with a LET of 60 MeV*cm2/mg (Si).
No SELs have been observed neither for Dog-Bone AntiFuse memory cells nor ELT (Edge-less) cells.

… and of course the celebration of the results with our friend Lelio and a good glass of Rum and Vodka…